We will come to your place of service and walk you through developing strategies and implementing goals.



We will help connect for churches ministries and ministers. In a day where there are more jobs than people, our goal is to find you find the right ministry match.
We will meet with committees, staff and the leadership to help facilitate what “you really need.” Many organizations have no idea what they need. We can help.



We are both youth speakers, youth workers and parents of youth. We can teach, preach, and provide assistance on a motivational level.
We will provide a “safe” environment for you to share your frustrations and joys. We know many of you feel alone, and we desire to walk with you.


1. We help
There are basically three ways in the United States to hire a youth pastor.
(1) Word of mouth. This works some of the time and has its benefits and problems.
(2) Put on a Database. Some put their names on a denominational list or well known youth ministry organizations. This again has its pro’s and cons and churches and people tend to have their names sit on lists for a long time.
(3) Hire the Best. We at Youth Ministry Coaches will help do a Youth Pastor Hunt by providing you with the best possible leaders who fit your scenario. For a small upfront fee we provide churches with names and resumes of quality people for your organization. If you select the person we have provided there is a back end thank you fee to Youth Min Coaches. Fees are based on the size and needs of the churches. Contact us today!.

2. We consult
We have three modes of operation.
(1) KID’S MEAL This is a two-to-three hour consultation in which we listen hard, ask questions and help the youth leader(s) determine a strategy of attack and walk with the youth ministry staff.
(2) FULL MEAL DEAL This is a half day or more to evaluate; for example we observe the Sunday worship services, attend some youth gatherings and meet with a few significant leaders and groups. We seek to discern how youth ministry plays out in the larger sphere of the church and then write up a game plan for the church.
(3) VALUE SIZE MEAL This is usually 1-3 days (typically Friday through Saturday) in which we observe and attend everything (usually a Sunday or Wednesday worship service(s))- meet with groups of parents, volunteers, pastoral staff, and committees. We then write up an extensive yet practical report and make recommendations for growth, stability and ways to build a sustainable pace for ministry. (This includes helping churches discover what they need in a position that needs filling; it can also be helping churches come up with a philosophy of ministry.)
Contact us for the various fees of each consult.

3. We coach
We are available to do an extended short and long term relationship with churches. That involves meeting regularly with the lead youth director in a mentoring-coaching relationship. It is like having a “big brother” work and coaches you in the trenches. We have done some short term (6 months) and long term (3 years) with congregations.

4. We communicate
Our founder, David Olshine, is a seasoned and engaging communicator. He speaks at youth groups, college chapels, does seminars for youth leaders, Parent-Teen retreats and specialize in parent of teens seminar (called Riding the Adolescent Wave) They speak regularly around the country for national conferences, festivals and Understanding Your Teenager seminars. His love is speaking about the amazing grace of God and calling people to follow Jesus through biblical texts and humorous storytelling.

5. We counsel
We will provide a safe place to meet with you. As a youth worker in the 21st century, there are many issues that
come into play: teenage pregnancies, cutting; sexual, physical and emotional abuse; substance abuse; drinking and drugs; parent problems and more! Sometimes youth workers don’t know where to turn for advice, input or just a listening ear. We can help walk with you.

Let’s Talk …
Contact us to see what we can do for you. Whether it’s meeting over coffee, video conference, or a phone call, we are happy to connect with you!